Sunday, March 11, 2012

Letter of the week - G

This week we were back on track with our Letter of the week activities:)

My little peanut is 25 months old.

We worked on the letter G this week starting with hanging up our "G is for Goat" sign and spelling the word goat!

Our felt board was near and dear to the hubby this week - and actually his suggestion when I was tossing up ideas:)  My little peanut picked number "2" to put on the flag!

We did a few crafts this week, one of which was a foot print giraffe after the inspiration from my Letter G pin board.

Here is what we used:
Yellow and Brown construction paper
googly eyes
brown paint
brown yarn (or ripped brown paper would work too)

We started out by tracing the little peanuts foot out of the yellow paper.

Next we cut out the foot, a neck and horns.

The little peanut then added some of my cut up pieces of yarn to the underside of the neck with glue.  Once she was done, we flipped it over and glued it to the brown paper, as well as gluing down the head and horns.

We added brown spots by dipping her finger in brown paint and two googly eyes.

Since the weather is getting nicer now, I thought we could grow some grass out on our deck.  Since grass starts with "G", it was another project that we did this week.

We started by painting our terracotta pot.  My little peanut of course picked pink:)

We gathered grass seeds and dirt.

My little one enjoyed added the dirt into the pot and then the seeds on top.  She kept looking at the pot, even after we were done.  I don't think she fully understood the concept of grass taking awhile to grow:)

We then placed it out on our deck.  I promised to water it daily and keep an eye out.

Of course we also did a ton of coloring for our "G" book.  We also used the paint dots on some of our worksheets.  So much fun!!

We also did a few St. Patrick's day crafts.  Check out our Shamrocks here.  Stay turned for more!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Thanks for taking a look at our "G" week!  Next up...H!



  1. That giraffe craft idea turned out so cute!

  2. Jumped over from the Tot School link up. My older boy is just a tad older than your daughter.

    Loved the giraffe craft- will have to keep it in mind for when we do jungle animals or a G week.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I didn't realize how close are girls are in age. Riley is 27 months and yes I had to count it out on my fingers. What? The incorporation of the golf is funny because as we speak my husband is telling me how Riley is going to be a professional golfer when she gets older. Lord, help me! Thank you for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!

  4. What a fun giraffe! I love how the spots look!

  5. The giraffe is adorable. I know my three year old would love to make it!

  6. So much G fun!! Love the Giraffe - too cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIF; see you Friday,
    Beth =-)


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