Friday, December 30, 2011

Water Fun!

From the pool to bath time, playing in the water has always been a favorite activity for my little peanut!  She can never get enough (and Mommy usually has be to extremely creative when it is time to end the activity)!!

She was 14 months here on our Florida trip

When I saw this idea over at Dirt and Boogers I knew that it would be PERFECT for my little peanut and I couldn't wait to try it out!

Here is what I did.  First I placed A LOT of towels on the tile floor in the kitchen and had some extra on stand-by next to the kitchen.  I filled one of my big plastic bins (that I sometimes use to clean her toys) with soapy water and added cups and bowls.  We also used some food coloring (that unfortunately did not come out in the pictures).  I put blue in one cup and red in the other and when we mixed them together it was fun to see a dark purple!

She was as happy as can be for about an hour!  I did however manage to soak up enough towels for their own load of laundry and I had to ring out her clothes by the end:)  When the weather is warmer, this will be even more fun (and less of a mess to clean up) outside!  I cannot wait!  She had SO much fun though, it was worth it!!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letters of the week

I have decided to start off the new year with a "schedule" of sorts for my little peanut.  She is turning two in a few weeks but isn't able to start a more structured pre-school until next September.  So each week we will be focusing on a different letter - likely going through the alphabet in order, since that is just easier on Mommy.

I have created binder to hold all of our activities / printouts.  They are all in sheet protectors so that my little peanut can look back at what we did.  Each week I will reuse this binder, replace the letter and then save one or two things so that we can take a look back at the end.

At the end of the week, I will post about what we did and how it went - partly so that I can hold myself accountable and also to share some ideas with others out there interested in doing something similar.  I am sure there will be plenty of pictures too:)

For anyone interested here are some of the resources that I have already started using:

♥  Tot School - A GREAT resource for ideas, printables, and connection to other moms

 ABC Teach - Great printables for our binder

♥ Pinterest - follow me:)

♥ DLTK's Growing together


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with FIRST Linky

Today's Wordless Wednesday is obviously Christmas related!!  

Christmas Eve (I know her eyes are closed but what a ham!)

Christmas Day

And the day after...

And now your turn.  I would love for you to link up your Wordless Wednesday post - Christmas related or not:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homemade Toys

For the past couple of months I have been buying toys and stashing them for Christmas and her January birthday.  However, every now and again I like taking out something "new" for my little peanut to play with; especially when I need a few minutes to get something done.  

After looking over Pinterest and various blogs I came up with the following two "homemade" ideas so as not to have to go to the store and buy something BEFORE Santa was able to come to our house:)

The first homemade toy that I put together came from an idea I spotted here.  I took an old plastic water bottle that was in the recycling bin and dropped in 3 clothes pins.  My little peanut first just shook the bottle like a rattle and then she asked me to take the top off.  She then enjoyed dumping out the clothespins and dropping them back in.  FUN!

The second homemade toy came from a post I saw over at Dirt and Boogers (I really love this site).  I took an empty puff container and took the plastic off the outside.  I cut an "X" with sharp scissors on the cover and cut a few pipe cleaners in half. 

She practiced emptying the container.

And then stuffing back in the pipe cleaners.  She entertained herself for some time - independently too:)


Post-Christmas Savings

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent lots of time with family like we did!  I came across a few after Christmas savings that I felt were worth sharing.

If you got a new iPad for Christmas like we did there are two free digital magazine subscriptions:

The first being a free year of Cosmo Magazine (12 free digital issues starting with Jan. 2012).  It is mobile ready for either on a iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

The second is a digital subscription to Seventeen Magazine (11 free digital issues starting with Jan. 2012).  It is also mobile ready for either on a iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

Lastly, if you are thinking about or in the process of planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you should definitely sign up for your free Disney Vacation Planning DVD .  We went to WDW last March and found this DVD very helpful!  It also got us really excited for our trip.  We still watch it every now and again and look forward to planning our next trip soon:)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from my family to yours:)

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!  Today is the start of our "stay-cation" hubby and I will both be home all of next week and we have NO plans!  AHH - after running around for the past few weeks it!!!

I am so thankful that I started this little blog and have made so many new "friends" because of it.  It has allowed me to not only share some of my ideas / coupon deals but I have gained so many ideas/things to do with my daughter - such a fun exchange!!!

I am looking forward to trying out some new things in the new year - like hosting link parties:) and adding new shirt designs and bows to our Etsy shop.  I love playing around with Photoshop and hope to make some new buttons, banners, printables, etc.  I also have a slew of toddler activities to share, craft ideas, and of course coupons!!  I hope you will come along for the ride:) 

From our family to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute (cheap) Christmas Gift Ideas

Only a few more shopping days left...are YOU ready??

If you still are in need of something head over to for a GREAT deal!  I found this gift box on sale for $12.49 and then I used the code VIP10 which took $10 off my order...PLUS this gift ships for FREE!

So for under $3 I was able to ship this basket over to a friend.  It will be delivered by Friday, just in time for Christmas.  YAY!!!!  I love finding great deals:)

Need another idea?  Head over to and use the code JOY for 90% off of gift certificates (which you can print from your own printer).  By using this code you can get $25 gift certificates for just $1!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

A Toddler Christmas Tree

Getting the house ready for Christmas last year was different - my little peanut wasn't crawling or walking, so none of my decorations got "touched".  Fast forward 12 months and I suddenly have a little helper that wants to rearrange EVERYTHING that I put out:)

Recently I decided to make my daughter her very own Christmas tree that she could rearrange to her heart's content!  I am SO glad that I did - it has so far been a HUGE hit!  I got the idea from here but see below for my version.

I started out with buy about a 1/2 yard of green felt from Joann's, but ended up only using about 1/2 of it.  I folded the felt in half hand-drew one side of the tree with a black marker.  I cut out both so that the tree with end up being symmetrical (not that my two year old would know the difference).

I stuck my tree up on my wall with Command Damage free poster strips.  I placed one strip in each corner and a few on the bottom - I used the whole package of 12.

I also added a "trunk" for the tree - made of brown felt.

Next I cut out a yellow star for the top (yellow felt) and a bunch of felt "ornaments" in different colors.  I used a glass to trace the circles.

Since felt sticks to felt that is all you need to do. 

My little peanut decorated...

...  and re-decorated all day long.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Shoprite Trip - ~65% savings!

I made one mistake this morning in my rush to run out the door....I FORGOT my coupons at home!!!!  Luck for me I still had access to a computer and a printer and was able to print out some great coupons before heading off to Shoprite.  I spent a little over $13 and saved $24.80 according to my receipt.  PHEW!  Not bad for a girl without her coupons:)

I actually really wanted to share this trip to prove that you don't always need to depend on your Sunday paper for coupons.  You can get alot from online, you just may have to search a little harder. 

Here is the breakdown from my trip:

2 Poland Springs bottles of sparkling water @$1 each ({2} $1 off of 1 coupons) - total: FREE!!
1 Edge shaving gel 8.4oz. @$2.49 (used $.55 coupon, which doubled) - total: $1.39
2 Polly-O Mozzerella @1.99 each (used $1 off of 2 coupon) - total: $3.00
2 Nestle Toll House Morsels @$2.49 each ({2} $.50 off of 1 coupon, which doubled) - total: $3.00
2 ShopRite Shredded Cheese @$1.33 each (on sale, saved $1.16) - total: $2.66
1 package of cherries @$3.23 (on sale, saved $5.40) - total: $3.23

Happy shopping!

I just realized this is the last weekend before Christmas!  AHH!  So much left to do...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - my day:)

I could look at this view all day long...

 The Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge

...and here we are CGCDesign at our 3rd craft fair:)  

Happy Wednesday everyone;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Samples

I came across a few free samples that I thought were worth sharing.

♥ Dove's Daily Moisture Hair Care - although this free sample is from Sam's Club, you do not need to be a member.

♥ Nescafe Perppermint Mocha - Head over to their facebook page

♥ Fiber Choice - head over here and fill out the form to receive your free sample.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I felt like I was stealing:)

I really ♥ shopping at CVS!!!!  I had to visit two different stores this week because the first one ran out of the cheap (ok, free) candy canes - it was totally worth it!!!

I still had Extra Care Bucks left over from my previous trip - my goal is to keep rolling them week over week.

And now onto the best part; here is what I got for very little out of pocket:

My first stop

Transaction #1:
2 Travel Size Aquafresh Toothpaste (regular price $1.27)
1 Huggies Jumbo Pack (on sale $9.49; regular price $11.99 and get $1 ECB)
2 Fireballs (my favorite candy) ($0.99 each)
1 pack of lunch bags (we needed this) (regular price $2.19)

Coupons used:
(2) $1 off of any size Aquafresh (I had printed these awhile ago and they were going to expire)
$3 off of Huggies (only sizes NB, 1 and 2) - this is a CVS coupon
$2 off of Huggies - this is a manufactures coupon and can be combined with the CVS coupon
$8.99 ECB from a previous visit

Total after coupons and tax: $.98  (my receipt says that I saved $18.49)
AND I received $1 Extra Care Bucks to be used on my next purchase!
As an extra bonus my receipt printed out a "save 25% on your next purchase" coupon...YAY!!!

My second stop 

Transaction #2:
1 box of Candy Canes 10 count (regular price $1.27 and get $1.27 ECB)
1 Revlon nail file (on sale for 50% off at $1.99; regular price $3.99)
1 Revlon eye shadow (on sale for 75% off at $1.25; regular price $4.99)

3 Hallmark Cards (totalling 11.97 - I know alot; and get $3 ECB)

Coupons used:
$3 off when you buy 3 Hallmark cards - printed from the CVS website
$1 off when you buy 2 cards - printed out from the red machine
$1 ECB from Transaction #1

$5 ECB from a previous visit
25% off coupon from Transaction #1 which = $3.58

Total after coupons and tax: $2.90  (my receipt says that I saved $19.32)

AND I received $5 Extra Care Bucks to be used on my next purchase!

Note:  The Candy Cane ECB did not print, so they rounded up and gave me $2 ECB instead!!  Also, since the revlon items were on sale they did not qualify for the $6 in ECB; which I didn't realize at the time.  But it was still a great deal!!

I walked away with so many products for less then $4 out of pocket!  I felt like I was stealing from CVS:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Santa Visit

My little cutie met Santa this weekend at our annual christmas party.  Here is how it went...

First she showed Santa her shoes...

Next, she pointed out that her dress had white fur - just like his jacket...

She finally smiled after he gave her a present..CHEESE!!

I was just so glad she didn't cry!!!!!

(Her dress is from Zulily - I love that site)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas party and Reindeer Cupcakes

This weekend was our annual family Christmas party (my grandmother is one of 11 - twice a year everyone gets together).  I had to bring a dessert so of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas:)  Check out all the different cupcake ideas that I pinned (if you haven't already guessed by now after seeing my pin board and reading about my Turkey Cupcakes - I LOVE making - and eating - cupcakes). 

This is what I ended up bringing based on an idea I found here.  How CUTE are they???

Here is what I did:

I started out by collecting the following items:
Cupcake Mix (I used a box that I got on sale a few weeks ago)
Chocolate Icing
Vanilla Wafers
M&M's (brown and red)
White Chocolate Chips

Step 1: Bake cupcakes

Step 2:  Spread chocolate icing on cupcake (Note: Do not let the icing dry before going on to the rest of the steps below).

Step 3:  Add a Vanilla Wafer on the bottom.

Step 4:  Place an M&M on the Vanilla Wafer using some leftover icing.

Step 5: Add two white chocolate chips (bottoms up) for the eyes.

Step 6: Add two pretzles on the top of the cupcake, sticking out slightly (see picture).

Step 7: Put a little bit of chocolate icing in a ziplock bag and cut the tip.  Use this to pipe little eyes on top of the white chocolate chips.

Here is the finished product.  They didn't take too long and everyone loved them:)

OH...I almost forgot the most important part...a little taste-tester made sure any of the broken vanilla wafers didn't go to waste:)  She wanted to help decorate, but ended up eating the materials....

Speaking of my grandmother (these cupcakes were for her family party) is her birthday.  Happy Birthday Gram!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

For the little man in your life:)

All little boys want to be "just like Daddy" which is the inspiration behind the tie shirts in our shop. 

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we recently posted all READY to ship (meaning your will get them within a few days of ordering) Christmas Tie shirts!  Take a look at our Etsy shop - below are some of them.

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