Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with FIRST Linky

Today's Wordless Wednesday is obviously Christmas related!!  

Christmas Eve (I know her eyes are closed but what a ham!)

Christmas Day

And the day after...

And now your turn.  I would love for you to link up your Wordless Wednesday post - Christmas related or not:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend!!



  1. So pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up at Making Mama Happy

  2. Precious! I love her Christmas Dress =) Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E!

  3. Linkys are so much fun. I love the eye close pic. Thanks so much for linking up.

  4. I love that red dress!

    I had my boy's nice clothes out for Christmas Eve church. My youngest ended up not going because he threw up at 1 AM that day. We decided to let him nap through the service. He ended up acting fine after his nap. He didn't miss out on all the fun.

  5. Aw! I love these pictures! Just adorable

  6. Too cute!! Thanks for being my newest followers, I am now yours! ; )


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