Monday, December 19, 2011

A Toddler Christmas Tree

Getting the house ready for Christmas last year was different - my little peanut wasn't crawling or walking, so none of my decorations got "touched".  Fast forward 12 months and I suddenly have a little helper that wants to rearrange EVERYTHING that I put out:)

Recently I decided to make my daughter her very own Christmas tree that she could rearrange to her heart's content!  I am SO glad that I did - it has so far been a HUGE hit!  I got the idea from here but see below for my version.

I started out with buy about a 1/2 yard of green felt from Joann's, but ended up only using about 1/2 of it.  I folded the felt in half hand-drew one side of the tree with a black marker.  I cut out both so that the tree with end up being symmetrical (not that my two year old would know the difference).

I stuck my tree up on my wall with Command Damage free poster strips.  I placed one strip in each corner and a few on the bottom - I used the whole package of 12.

I also added a "trunk" for the tree - made of brown felt.

Next I cut out a yellow star for the top (yellow felt) and a bunch of felt "ornaments" in different colors.  I used a glass to trace the circles.

Since felt sticks to felt that is all you need to do. 

My little peanut decorated...

...  and re-decorated all day long.



  1. Just stopping by from Make Yourself Monday! What a great toddler activity! This year I made my preschooler a small felt Christmas tree, but I'm adding a larger version like yours to my list for next year. My tot and preschooler will love this! I'm your newest follower on GFC!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  2. Such a super idea! My son would love to decorate and redecorate that too! Thanks for sharing at shine on fridays!!


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