Monday, July 2, 2012

...and the award goes to...

After I explain my weekend I KNOW you will be nominating me for the Mother of the Year award....

I was so excited to get out of work a little early (hooray for summer Fridays) and next week is 4th of was going to be a great weekend.  Or so I thought....

Friday night we ate pizza at my moms - which is pretty much a weekly tradition.  I had to run out to my car and my little one wanted to watch me from the front door.  When she went to pull it open {because EVERYTHING is "By myself"} her little foot got stuck under the door and a piece of metal gave her a pretty nice cut!  Boo!  She didn't cry too much, but it didn't look great either...that was the first one of the weekend.

Saturday morning I got up to exercise at 6am and by 8am we were at the park with some friends.  My little one climbed up the ladder to head to the slide like she had 1000 other times.  Except this time as she turns to go up to the next "platform", she gets distracted and down she falls!  Head first onto the wood chips and breaks her fall with her left arm.  UGH!  Her little pudgy arm is swollen so we run over to her pediatrician.  The doctor sends us to get an X-ray and sure enough  - broken!  Since it is Saturday not too many doctors are in the office so we must head to the hospital for a temporary cast.  A few hours later {they couldn't find a copy of the x-ray} we leave looking like this...

Sunday comes and I tell the hubby after having such a crazy Saturday, I want to just lay low and stay inside today.  HA!  Things always seem to happen in 3's - right.  Well you guessed it.  I am folding laundry in my room while my little one is eating lunch.  She runs over to try to find me and I honestly don't know how she did it, but ends up hitting the corner of our bed.  After the blood stops gushing out, I realize that her two front teeth went into her bottom lip - OUCH!!  

Today we went to get the cast, so she now has a cut toe, fat lip and blue cast...UGH!

I just cannot believe it, in three days, three accidents!!  I hope next weekend gets better:)

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  1. ouch :( bless her little heart & bless ur big heart! hopefully u 2 have a great week & no more bumpsies! (:
    -Carrie Eve

  2. Oh my what a weekend, poor baby that must of hurt really bad. I hope she gets better soon and you have a better weekend this coming up week.

  3. Oh no!! poor lil girlie! I hope she is feeling better!

  4. Oh poor baby! She looks like a little trooper, since she's already managing to smile. I hope the rest of your week is calmer!

  5. Poor thing! (You and your little one!) If it will make you feel better, my mom let me walk around on a broken ankle for five days before she took me for an xray. LOL Hope that makes you smile!

  6. Bless her heart (& yours too)!! Praying you two have a better week!

  7. Yikes! Poor kiddo. When my little one gets really clumsy and is wearing an array of bumps and bruises, it generally means she's right around the corner from a growth spurt!

  8. is a new day...cast and bruises to boot!

  9. Oh my...You defiintely deserve Mother of the Year for this weekend! I hope she is doing better! If the old saying is true that things come in three's, hopefully you will be off the hook now for quite a while.


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