Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letter of the week - C

The letter of the week was "C"...obviously one of my favorite letters as my name begins with "C"!  My little peanut is 23 months old.

We started the week by hanging up our letter of the week sign and finding the magnetic "C".

This week our felt board was a caterpillar.  

I cut out all the circles using a cup - same technique I did for our Christmas tree here.  I did the antenna using brown felt - I started with a "V" and then cut out two circles on the top.

It was another big hit at our house this week!

We ended up doing three "C" crafts.  After all the cute things I found on Pinterest, I just had so many ideas and couldn't narrow it down!

The first thing we did was the Cupcake Craft that I described here.

We also did two different caterpillar crafts.  

The first one was using clothespins (I have so many of these; so this was a welcomed craft).  We made three and gave one to each of the grandparents.

For the other caterpillar craft, we ended up making it into a card version so that we could send one down to my little peanuts great-grandparents in Florida (Nan and Pop if you are reading this, it is on it's way:) ).

We grabbed our red and green paint and a brush.

I had to paint her finger tip for every three or four dots we did. 

I added eyes and legs after the paint dried.  I thought it came out real cute!  I especially love that it captures her fingerprint as of this point in time.  Sometimes I want to freeze time and this kinda allows that:)

Of course we also colored ALOT more this week - I even taped one of the pictures on our door - she really seemed to enjoy that!

Her "C" book was a big hit as usual.  She would ask to take it out almost every day and flip thru the pages completed thus far.  She would name all of the things that we had previously colored and even learned how to spell "Cat".  

C week was alot of fun even thou we were a little under the weather for part of it:(

Stay week will include more fun, but we will be onto D!



  1. Stopping by from Tot School.

    Love all the "C" things! My daughter is 23 months old too!

  2. p.s. I LOVE Pinterest too! :)

  3. What a great C week! Your caterpillar crafts are darling!

  4. How great is this!! Can't wait to use this with little man one day!!

  5. I love the caterpillar clothes pins very cute. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am also hosting a frugal friday blog hop where people can share their frugal kid activities. Please consider linking up thanks.

  6. Found you on Skip to My Lou. Could you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  7. What great ideas! I especially love the felt (and I didn't know that felt stuck to felt . . . we have a felt storyboard that I could probably be doing a whole lot more with!).

  8. Thanks for sharing on fun frugal friday. I would love it if you stopped by again and shared some more ideas. I will be posting on friday mornings. : )

  9. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday @ Create With Joy - hope to see you again this week!


  10. I am SO in love with the caterpillars! I just pinned them on to different boards. Your activities all look so fun! Thanks so much for sharing at Thrifty Thursday! Hope to see you this week as well!


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