Saturday, January 7, 2012

Letter A Felt Board

Making my little peanut her very own felt Christmas Tree to decorate was a huge hit at our house!  She literally played with that thing every day!

So when my mom found a felt board and asked me if I wanted it; I knew that I would have to find a way to incorporate it into our weekly letter activities!

We spent a lot of time talking about apples during the week (including doing this craft that I previously posted about), so naturally an apple tree came to mind when I was thinking about what to do with the felt board.

I drew a tree trunk on brown felt (free hand) and used a cup to trace a circle on yellow for a sun. 


Next I cut out the top of the tree in green felt.


And lastly, used a cup to cut out circles for apples out of two different shades of red - similar to how I did the ornaments for the Christmas tree


We had so much fun learning about apples and playing with our felt apple tree.  We counted the apples, we counted the leaves, we put the on the tree and took them off SEVERAL times.


I came across this post regarding how to make a flannel board in case you cannot find one like my mom did.  I cannot wait to do more felt creations with my little peanut - we both just LOVE it!!!

Stay tuned until tomorrow for a recap of our Letter A week!

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  1. This is a great idea! I just made felt faces for the kids that they LOVE to play with. I need to get a blog post up about it.
    I am also going through the alphabet with my 18 month old. I will have to keep an eye on your letter adventures for more ideas!

  2. I used to do this when I was babysitting in college. I'll be doing it for our daughter when she's a wee bit older :-)

    So glad you stopped by. I would schlep through the snow on any day to visit a new baby in the hospital!!!

  3. How fun! What a great idea to keep on the back burner for me when my Evelyn gets a bit older. Mommy/daughter time is the best!

  4. That looks like it was a lot of fun for her and I love how you are incorporating letter learning. I am a new follower visiting from Pinteresting Party. Vicky from Mess For Less


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