Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Techy Tips - Limiting Posts on a Page

Can you believe it is Tuesday again??  That means it is time for another Techy Tip!!

Over the past couple of months I have had two bloggers explain how crazy their blogs have been acting. They both ironically had the same problem..and both problems were fixed by the same solution!!  Keep reading...I will explain:)

The problem:
Both bloggers explained that their sidebar wasn't always showing up on the side; sometimes it would appear on the bottom of the page.

The cause:
I researched this a bit and found that sometimes the content you are displaying in your posts, may be too much.

But...you don't need to start writing less in each post.

The solution:
Instead...head over to your settings and the posts and comments section.

Change the number of posts shown on the main page to 3 (or another smaller number then what you currently have).


This simple solution fixed both bloggers problem!

I hope you don't need to use this trick, but just in case...now you know!

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for another Techy Tip:)

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  1. Oh that was me! And you are wonderfully brilliant for helping!

  2. Favorite part of my Tuesdays. I, thankfully, have not had that problem but will definitely have to remember if I do come across it. I feel like Two Sasters have become the I.T. department for our blog sector :)

  3. I wonder if jump breaks would also help? I like to display a lot of posts on my first page, but I use jump breaks so that the whole post doesn't show. Thanks so much for the tip! New Follower, hope to see you at True Aim.

  4. great post I just did this a couple of days ago. I set mine to 5

  5. Just found your great blog...hooked up to your party from last week, will do it again this week:) I grabbed your button and as a habit, I always join the LFT if it's on a blog. Hope you get a chance to stop by and visit me @

  6. Hi ladies- My sister Nicki and I gave you a little something. You can check it out here http://www.practicallyperfectprincess.com/2012/05/we-are-kreativ.html

  7. tech advice!! LOVE IT! found you via the blog hop xo

  8. I love your tech tips! I'm visiting from Amy's blog! Wonderful blog and now I am following along!



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