Sunday, April 22, 2012

Letter of the week - K (Part 2)

My little peanut is 26 months old!

We finished up our K activities this week!  I actually found it easier to spread everything out over the course of 2 weeks.  It gave us more time to do some other fun activities (like cutting, playing outside and baking together); that I may actually continue that trend going forward.

We played more then usual with our kitchen set.

We got a new table this week from Ikea (thanks Mom!).  For $20 bucks, I highly recommend it!  It is perfect for doing art and crafts, eating meals and setting up for a tea party:)

Here we are on the table gluing letter K's.

This is our final product!  I could not find too many "K" words/items in the magazines I had around the house.  So instead I cut some out of paper and my little one colored them!

Our felt board this week consisted of 5 kites and 5 pieces of yarn (which also sticks to felt in case you were wondering)!

She loved it and just got annoyed placing the yarn on the kites.  But I think it was good for her fine motor skills...

I also added a piece of contact paper (sticky side out) onto our easel.  I then cut out some K's from construction paper and had my little one add them to the easel.  She really liked doing this a few weeks ago and was excited I did this again for her!

I also made a big "K" on a piece of paper for her to color...

...but she preferred to tape it to the window and color that way:)

That pretty much sums up our second K week!  Hope everyone has a great week!!



  1. Looks like some fun stuff there :) How old is your daughter?

  2. Cute kite idea! My tot loves the felt board...

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower and co-host of this month's blog hop. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun :) I'm looking forward to getting you know you better!

    I love this idea. I can't wait to start teaching Selah.

  4. Great K ideas. We have a similiar Little Tykes easel that we use a lot as well. Perfect for little ones.

    I'm visiting from delicateConstruction. I hope that you can stop by my blog as well. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. AAAHH!! I love the fact that you are spending so much time with your little one in learning activities! I will have to pick your blog for ideas... Anyway, wanted to stop by and say thanks for joining in on my linky party this past week! It was great to have you, and would love to have you join in this week, again! I just posted the linky tool!


  6. Nice variety in your activities. Looks like it was a great K week.

  7. Oh, I love it when they're so excited about learning letters! It looks like you had a lot of fun with K!

  8. I love the kites. I need to start working with felt with Riley. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!

  9. Great K ideas - will make kites too I think when we get to K. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great activities! I really love the sticky-side-out contact paper idea. I can just imagine my kids having a blast with that. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  11. Really fun idea - we haven't pasted letters on a letter before - love the concept! Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op Playdate :-)


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