Thursday, April 5, 2012

A cut...A new look...A donation

On a run, it would fall out a thousand times.  After a shower, it would take me forever to blow dry.

It was time.  I needed a hair cut!

So over the weekend I finally took the plunge and chopped it!

A little more then 8 inches to be exact!

Since over the past year I haven't done anything to my natural hair {except for the few grays that have come in}, I was able to donate to a great cause - Pantene, Beautiful Lengths.  

Take a look at their requirements here.

According to their site, Pantene has donated over 18,000 wigs to women with cancer!!

This is the second time I have done this.  It doesn't bother me at all to cut it off.  It is just hair.  It will grow back eventually.  Others may not be as fortunate...

I hope someone can benefit from my donated hair:)



  1. my daughter is 4 and her hair is very long and i think when summer is over we will be doing this same thing! it will be sad to see her hair go, but knowing someone is getting hair because of it will be awesome and a good learning experience for my daughter!

  2. What an adorable new look and for such a good cause as well. Love that you are giving a good cause some attention on your blog.

  3. Great cause, and cute look!



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