Sunday, April 8, 2012

Letter of the week - J

My Little Peanut is 26 months old.

For the past two weeks we focused on the letter J (along with doing many Easter activities).

We practiced writing in our notebook inspired by Tot School.  She did REALLY well tracing the "J"!

As usual, I turned to Pinterest for J craft ideas!

Here is what we ended up doing.

We flipped thru magazines and pointed out anything that started with a "J" and I cut it out.  Since my little one LOVES glue, I cut out a pink J (her color choice) and she glued on each of the pictures.

We also made a fun Jelly Fish by coloring a coffee filter, adding googly eyes and pipe cleaners for tentacles!

One of my little ones favorite activities?  Using Jelly Beans!!

I drew a big "J" on construction paper and together we put dots of glue all over.  She then placed a jelly bean on each dot....and then ate the left overs (only about three of them)!  {Sorry I didn't take a finished product - but will update soon}

Another activity she really enjoyed was something I came up with for the first time this week.  I placed contact paper (sticky side out) on our easel.  I then cut out 10-15 "J" from various pieces of paper (the thicker the paper, the better).

My little one LOVED sticking them to the contact paper.  We used this opportunity to count the J's - by color and total.  I am going to definitely carry this forward.  She kept going back to the board day after day.

Another activity that my little one really enjoyed over and over - using our homemade play dough and "stamping" the letter J.

Similarly, while we baked for the Easter Bunny, we had some left over dough that we turned into a J.

We also dot painted our J pages and colored a good amount too.  She is doing so well trying to stay in the lines and trace her letters.  I see improvements each week - love it!

Lastly, our felt board this week.  A jar with Jelly Beans!!  Again we counted the colors as we added them to the jar.  



  1. Such fun crafts! Love the coffee filter jellyfish!

  2. I love that you do this with your daughter. I'm going to check out Tot School and see what I can find there for my two toddlers. Thanks for linking.

  3. How brilliant are these ideas! We have just done E and will do some of your ideas when I get to J. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the contact paper idea! Might start doing that with my little guy.

  5. What a great week! I love the jellyfish and felt board!

  6. I love your contact sheet idea for the Jj's! It is so amazing how many things you can branch off an idea with!

  7. Wow there are some great activities here. I love the coffee filter jelly fish. Thanks for linking to Kids Co-op

  8. Love that jellyfish!!!

    Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!

  9. FANTASTIC ideas! Thanks so much for linkin up and for sharing! I'm sharing these with my networks. Please feel free to grab a featured button and get your brag on :) Looking forward to following your cute blog!

  10. I love all the creative crafts! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  12. I love the jelly beans and the jelly fish. The jelly fish was a great idea to make out of a coffee filter. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!

  13. I really miss doing fun things with letters instead of working on Algebra and Biology with the kids. Thank you so much for linking up these great ideas on Dare to Share. I cant wait to see what you link up next.



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