Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scented Glue Art

My kitchen smells great thanks to our art project of the day!  I got this idea after reading two other blogs (here and here), but I had to modify it a bit for my daughter's age.  Here is what we did.

I taped two sheets of paper down to our table, located some Elmer's glue and took out three different spices - cinnamon, sage and oregano - nothing hot in case some ended up in little tummies!

Together, we squeezed the glue all over the paper.  She tried to do it on her own, but didn't quite get the concept yet (and at 22 months, that is OK with me).

Then I let her loose with the spices.  First the cinnamon and sage.  Then the oregano (which was slower to come out of the bottle).  She had a blast shaking the bottles!!

After we got rid of what didn't stick to the glue, this is what we had left.  She kept smelling the paper HA!

Lesson learned...keep your vaccum handy...this was a little messy:)

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