Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Two sasters was started by...two sisters:)  We are 14 months apart and aside from going away to college, once we moved out of Mom and Dad's, we haven't lived more then a few miles apart.  "Saster" is a term that was coined by just sounds so much better then just plain old "sister"...but don't worry - it has the same meaning:)

A few months ago we started an Etsy shop - CGCDesign!  The letters are our initials.  It was inspired by the little model in all of our pictures, our daughter/niece.  We needed an outlet for our creative spirits:)

Recently, we decided to start writing a blog for our Etsy Store, but have so much more to share then just shop updates.  Hopefully with the help of this blog, we will give you shopping tips, coupon specials, craft topics and other fun ideas!

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  1. Hi! This is Amy from One Artsy Mama! Looks like you guys are off to a great start. I like how you share coupons and deals you find online with your readers. My suggestion would be to extend the posts you write about personal things, like your races and your craft projects; that lets readers get to know you better as a person which makes them feel more connected and want to come back. The more photos, the better, too. To get the word out about your great blog, find some link parties and start linking up so other bloggers will come by for a visit. I have a Halloween party up right now where you could share the cute Toddler Halloween Activity! There's also a tab on my page called Places I Party where you can find other great places to share your stuff! Hope that helps! :) amy


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