Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Ahh...another holiday has come and gone!  Since my little one has been born I feel like the days pass so much faster now!

My daughter is OBSESSED with Mickey's Clubhouse, especially the "Hot Dog" dance.  No matter where she is in the house, if that song comes on she will run to the T.V. and start it!  For those of you who don't regularly tune into the show, at the very end, before all the credits, Mickey and his friends recap the show and dance to the same song (the "Hot Dog" song...not sure if that is the "official" name, but it is what I call it).

About a month ago while searching for a Halloween costume I came across a wonderful sale at the Disney Store.  Minnie Mouse seemed to be calling my name and fit perfectly with her current obsession!

Here are some pics from our weekend.  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

P.S.  In honor of one of my favorite holidays...use the coupon code "HappyHalloween" in our Etsy shop for FREE shipping!!

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