Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letter of the week - F

This week we focused on the letter "F".   My little peanut is 24 months old.

We started by hanging up our "F" sign and found the letters to spell the word "Fish".

My little peanut LOVED the Elmo we had up from last week so much that when I tried to take it down, she got really upset.  So I decided to leave it alone, and just added some fish that we called "Dorothy".  It kinda worked out!  Can you tell that I cut the fish out freehand??  HA!

We colored and did more dot painting which we added to our "F" book.  Again she took it out at every  opportunity and flipped over the pages.  She is so proud of her art work and will show any visitors what she has made during the week (even the pizza guy...HAHA!). 

Our craft this week was a fish "sun-catcher".  I cut out a fish shape from blue construction paper.  I laid contact paper on one side and my little peanut stuck on ripped orange construction paper.  When she was done I covered the other side with more contact paper.  If you do not have contact paper, clear masking tape would work just as well.  I cut the fish out and placed him on my window.

We even sent one down to my little peanut's great-grandfather for his birthday.  I hope he likes it:)

Since Tuesday is Valentine's we also made some crayon hearts together; although not having anything to do with the letter "F".  Stay tuned for the finished product that my little peanut will be giving to her friends:)  Such a fun project!!!



  1. Wow, I really love the stained glass and crayon projects :) so cute!

    I just started a linky party for children's crafts, and I'd love to have you join this week!!

    If you'd like, you can swing by and post your craft, and there's a give away going on too.

    Thank you, and I can't wait to have you join the party.
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

  2. I LOVE the dot painting!! i am so going to get those!!! wonderful blog, great ideas for my boys, glad i found you!!


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